Ahavat Yisrael Kol Nidre Appeal

This year our community has chosen to raise money for the Israel Children Cancer Centers and Shema Koli. Please give generously.

By giving together, we can change the lives of thousands of people in the coming year. So please – open your arms and donate what you can. Thank you for your generous support.

Rachashei Lev (the Israel Children Cancer Centre) is dedicated to alleviating the suffering experienced by cancer-stricken children and their families. The Centre gives them the strength to contend both with the diagnosis of cancer and the treatment it requires, helping them continue to smile even as they battle this devastating disease.

Shema Koli exists to help those many silent and silenced victims of abuse in the UK Jewish community – men, women and young adults – tell their story, often for the first time, sometimes years after their abuse took place. They offer a sensitive, confidential and professional service which validates, supports and listens.