Pinner Synagogue Kol Nidre Appeal

Please watch this appeal video from our shul, highlighting the important causes that our community is supporting.

By giving together, we can change the lives of thousands of people in the coming year. So please – open your arms and donate what you can. Thank you for your generous support.

Gesher is an independent all-through Jewish SEND school providing a specialist, meaningful and functional learning environment for young people with mild to moderate needs, including Autism, ADHD and Down's Syndrome. We can help modernise the main hall to become a multi-functional space at the school’s heart, with much better acoustics.

Michael Levin immigrated from Philadelphia in 2002 to Israel and chose to draft into the IDF Paratroopers Unit. The Base fulfils his wish to support lone soldiers and b’not sheirut. We can sponsor the Base’s Lulavim and Etrogim over Succot (£36 per set) and Yom Tov meals (£18 per person).